Ship Repair & Conversion

Since its establishment in 1999, Triangle Shipyard has quickly emerged as one of the preferred hubs providing reliable and competitive ship repair and conversion solutions catering to the Marine, Offshore, and Oil & Gas industries in the region. Operating from its state-of-the-art facilities at Dubai Maritime City, Triangle Shipyard is designed and equipped to serve all vessels calling UAE ports and other overseas ports. We offer a full fledge ship repair, refit, and conversion solutions which include dry docking, afloat repair, electrical and automation repairs, structural fabrication, piping, propulsion system, Hydraulics, engine, and gearbox.

  1. Drydocking
    Triangle Shipyard has successfully developed as a leading provider of dry docking repairs in its facility at DMC & alongside repairs to accommodate and serve a wide range of vessels of all types and sizes. Our dry docking services include hydro-blasting, hull repairs, painting, Joinery works, Overhaul & troubleshooting of Engine, gear boxes, all kind of hydraulic equipment, HVAC, all types of pumps and valves, also qualified for propeller repair and shaft repairs.
  2. Afloat repair
    Our highly skilled & self-independent team is set to provide necessary repair services that could be required to avoid the ship from calling port for any electro-mechanical repair works
  3. Welding & Fabrication
    With our qualified Procedures for the complex off shore industry demands and state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, Triangle Shipyard Welding/fabrication division undertakes all types of Off shore & marine related custom Welding/fabrication works; which includes the highest tensile steel alloys, stainless steel, Duplex steel, CuNi alloys, and aluminum alloys
  4. Pipe Fabrication & Installation
    At Triangle Shipyard, our team of experienced fitters can perform customized piping fabrication and installation projects as per our client needs and requirements; which include carbon steel, stainless steel, copper nickel, aluminum with the highest quality and standards.
  5. Electrical – Automation
    Our in-house electrical department has the capability to carry out electrical installation services which include:
    • Design, manufacture and repair of electrical panels of various sizes
    • Engineering solutions for necessary process automation, equipment safety assurance and alarm monitoring systems
    • Cable route engineering, cable running & termination in compliance with marine standards
    • Rebuilding, upgrading and repairing of all console kinds
    • Reconditioning/ rebuilding of electrical motors/alternators
  6. Machining services
    Triangle Shipyard has a proven track record for its machining services. With our fully equipped machine shop together with the vast experience of our machinists and supervisors we provide our clients turnkey solutions for all their project’s needs.
  7. Engine Repair and Services
    Our Engineers/technicians specialize in marine engines and can deliver fast-track, efficient on-site repair services that solve any propulsion issue.
    Our engine services include:
    • In-situ Partial and complete overhauling of high speed and medium speed engines
    • Trouble shooting and repairing of fuel and lubrication systems
    • Trouble shooting reconditioning and repairing of cooling systems
    • Trouble shooting and repairing of Electronic and Electrical systems
  8. Mechanical
    Our Division provides Hydraulic, Mechanical & Pneumatic service to marine, Sea Ports & petro Chemical Industry.
    Over Hauling, Trouble-shooting, Repairing & Commissioning of Mechanical/Electro-Hydraulic systems include:
    • Cargo Cranes, Hose Handling Cranes, Deck Cranes and Provision Cranes.
    • Towing/anchor Handling Winches & Windlass/Mooring Winches
    • Hatch-covers System & Hydraulic Grab for Bulk Carriers
    • All type of Steering Systems
    • All kind of Ship Valves, Pumps (Sea & Fresh Water), Cargo pumps
    • Repairing of Jack-up barge pneumatic cylinders (Both Single & Double Acting)
  9. Propulsion Services
    Proven record of trouble shooting and overhaul of all types of: CPP propeller, Bow-thrusters & Azimuth thrusters, in addition to the following services:
    • Alignment , Calibrate and machining of stern tube bushes & Renewal of all kind of Bearings & Seals.
    • Propellers Repair and balancing
    • C.P.P overhauling including blades
    • Tail Shaft & Propeller Repairs for various alloys in accordance to qualified procedures.
  10. Hull Treatment 
    Triangle Shipyard is well equipped to offer a wide range of hull marine services, including hull treatment.
    Performing hull inspections regularly can help identify any flaws or damage on the hull that could potentially compromise the performance and safety of the vessel.
    Triangle Shipyard has trained personnel & in-house equipment’s for blasting and painting which is the core of Hull maintenance.
  11. Joinery Works 
    Triangle Shipyard has expertise to supply and install all architectural works related to interiors of marine vessels and offshore platforms. Our extensive capacity is available to fabricate wooden, aluminum honeycomb furniture in-house with state-of-the-art equipment along with team of highly skilled carpenters.

    Our Scope of Works includes supply and installation of:
    • Wall panels – hardcore/softcore (B0, B15, A60, H120)
    • Ceiling panels (B0, B15)
    • Toilet modules
    • Raised floor and A60 floating floor
    • Window-bolted and welded type – A0, A60, H120 etc.
    • Marine class rated doors – B15, A0, A60 single and double leaf, H60, H120 etc.
    • Freezer and chiller room panels
    • Galley Stainless Steel panels, celling and cabinets
    • Triangle Shipyard also specializes in the fabrication and installation of wheelhouse console and drillers cabin.