Tug Boat

DWT143 T

TRIANGLE SHIPYARD was awarded the tender by MARAFI (ASYAD GROUP OMAN) to carry out Drydock Repairs/ Maintenance and Reactivation of Tug – Marafi 1 (Ex. Tug Ananya).
This highly competitive tender was awarded to Triangle Shipyard due to the strong technical capabilities, attractive commercial offer, and qualification by the HSEQ team.
The drydocking team ensured safe and successful docking of the vessel by making a scaled docking plan for the vessel and manufacturing extension to the existing cradles.

Major jobs included – Complete overhauling of – Aquamaster Azimuth Thrusters, Ulstein Bergen Diesel Engine by the Propulsion and Engine division of Triangle Shipyard. Overhauling of pumps and valves, Steel and Pipe renewals, Electrical works, Various carpentry jobs, Complete hull cleaning and Painting, Painting of superstructure etc. along with various other jobs. This major project was completed successfully by the well experienced and qualified team of Triangle Shipyard with utmost quality and to complete satisfaction of the owners