Facilities & Infrastructure

Shipyard Facilities

Located in the fascinating man-made peninsula of Dubai Maritime City, our state-of-the-art facilities comprise of:

  • Ship Repair, Yacht Manufacturing, Shipyard, Workshops & Warehouses, Showrooms,
  • Marine Parts & Supplies
  • 6000 tons ship lift with 130mx45m
  • 3000 tons ship lift with 90mx35m
  • 720 tons capacity boat hoist
  • 31 dry berths of 100 m length


Our shipyard infrastructure includes:

  • A yard with total 22,500 sq. feet of land for new building of Aluminium vessels as well as steel vessels
  • Workshop of 10,000 sq. feet for mechanical, electrical, machine shop, carpentry and joinery equipment
  • 10 tons travelling gantry crane
  • Covered shed housing state-of- the- art CNC profile cutting machine
  • Warehouse that equip materials up to 5000 sq. feet
  • Labor camp that accommodates up to 500 employees